Highest CD Rates For

You & How To Get Them

Since lots of investors are moving to more stable investments like CDs, it’s natural that you’d wonder about the highest CD rates for your particular situation and where to get them.If that’s what you’re thinking about, stay here, because this is practically an encyclopedia of CD rates.


It’s going to talk about the different types of CDs, the different institutions that offer them, a comparison of the major banks and institutions, and a look at the highest CD rates in YOUR area!

Let’s get started.

Jumbo CD Rates – Jumbo CDs are where you store a large amount of cash if you need to stash it away somewhere safely. But since they usually involve such a large chunk of cash, a small difference in the yield you earn, can mean some serious cash differences.

Learn where to get the best jumbo CD rates here

IRA CD Rates – When you have an IRA, you know you can hold stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and other property. If you’re choosing to store your IRA funds in a CD, you expect something in return. Learn where to get the best return on your IRA cash here [COMING SOON]

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Rollover IRA CD Rates – Similar to a regular IRA, if you have a rollover, you can choose the investment. We’ll show you where to get the best rates for rollover CDs, but are you sure that’s what you want to hold in your IRA? If you’re younger than 50, you may want to reconsider. Regardless, here’s where to get the best Rollover IRA rates



What Bank Do I Go With? Obviously there are a lot of banks that would like you to store your cash with them. That’s how banks make money. You give them your cash, they invest it in other places, earn XYZ percent and give you back XYZ-5 percent as a reward.

That being said, yes, each of them are going to say that they offer the highest CD rates – that’s what you would say too, right?

Let’s look at the rates offered by some specific, big-name banks, like Bank of America CD rates. [MORE COMING SOON]

Federal Credit Union CD Rates – Many of us don’t have a “regular” bank, but rather use a federal union. Though less common that investors with regular banks, unions can often times offer higher yields than regular commercial banks.

But very much like commercial banks, different unions offer different rates. If you’re with a union and you don’t know the rates of the others, you may be leaving some cash on the table (especially if you’re getting a jumbo).

If you bank with a union, you should read this page [COMING SOON]

6/12/18/24/36 Months – I understand. When people are stashing cash away in a CD, they’re looking to use that cash in some other place in the near future. Otherwise, you would probably be holding stocks or bonds or investing in real estate.

So it stands that if you need your money in the near future, you probalby know the approximate time period in which you’ll need it – whether it’s 6 months or 12 months or 18 months or 24 months or more.

Different banks and lending institutions offer different yields depending on how soon you plan on taking your money out – or how soon you’d be allowed to take it out penalty-free, that is. Generally, the longer you plan to store your cash in a CD, the higher your rate will be.

Click here to find the highest cd rates for varying time periods [COMING SOON]


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