Stock Investing With Success Has Never Been Easier!

The advent of the internet has made stock investing with success easier than ever. Do you realize how much more difficult researching and transacting in stocks was as recently as 15 years ago? It was a huge job.

Fast-forward to 2013, and everything’s at the tip of your fingers.

Check out some of this research I got my hands on.

General Growth Properties (ticker: GGP). This company pretty much owns the city of Columbia where I’m from in Maryland. Despite their high-quality real estate assets, the financial crisis has made them close to bankruptcy.



Some people say that even if they did go bankrupt, after creditors were paid off, equity holders would still receive about $7/share (which is like 1,000,000% higher than where they are now). Read the article for our professional analysis of GGP

E-trade Financial (ticker: ETFC). This broker/banker got caught-up in greediness during the easy days of mortgage lending and ended up with a bunch of ‘toxic’ debt in the form of sub-prime mortgages. The poop has definitely hit the fan. Their financials are dismal, and their stock price is worse. So why do I like it? Read the article and find out. (Btw, did you see the Etrade commercial?)

How Much Is Apple Worth? (ticker: AAPL). Apple computers is an American sensation. Between the iPhone and the iPod and their computers, they’re literally changing the landscape of America. But how much is their stock actually worth? Is it a good buy right now? Read about Apple’s valuation here

OptionsXpress (ticker: OXPS). It’s not hard to like this cash machine. My God, this company makes money. They have a site like E-trade’s, but it’s focused mainly on trading options. They are growing like a young boy, and have some of the best profit margins in their industry. Read the article to learn something you don’t know. [Coming Soon]

Visa, Inc. (ticker: V). Visa is getting ready to have it’s IPO (initial public offering). Is it a screaming buy? Mastercard has more than quadrupled since it’s IPO in 2006. Is Visa a 5-bagger waiting to happen? Read the article to find out my take.

Coach, Inc. (ticker: COH). Coach makes stock investing with success easy. They have one of the most recognizable and sought-after brand names in women’s purses. Are you kidding me? If I could dominate any industry in the world, it would be women’s purses. Do you have any idea the strength of a woman’s demand for purses? That’s kind of funny, but seriously. Find out why Coach is going places. [Coming Soon] From Stock Investing With Success (Case Studies) to Home page