Suze Orman On Personal Finance

Most people know who Suze Orman is. In case you don’t, she’s the female personal finance “guru” that writes books and appears on TV all the time. She has her own show on CNBC and appears on other things like PBS, Oprah, and even the Home Shopping Network.

I had been receiving a bunch of questions about Suze-specific things like her views on personal finance, student loans, bankruptcy, etc. This section of the site is devoted to her.

We’ll start from the top:

*Suze Orman’s view of personal finance

*How to pay yourself first

*Suze Orman on student loans

*Suze on guaranteed annuities

*General investing tips

There’s more Suze-specific stuff on the way. For the time being, you can learn a lot about Suze by visiting her Wikipedia entry.

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