How To Invest $500

How To Invest 500 Dollars: Savings Bonds

How to invest 500 dollars is a question I get often.  In my last blog I told you guys about my very first investment (if you call charging your mom a nickel to borrow five bucks an investment).  We also talked about a few things you need to take care of in order to put yourself in a position to invest small amounts of money.  

Well we have graduated from investing $0-$200 and now we want to cover how to invest 500 dollars.  To be frank, any of the ways you invested your initial $0-$200 pretty much apply to $500 as well.

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First Investment

My First Investment

Investments come in all shapes and sizes, you are never to young to invest. My first investment came in the form of a loan; I was about eight years old and my mom took me to Wendy’s to get a square hamburger on a round bun. We got up to the register, my mom reached for her wallet, and realized her purse was in the car. I just so happened to have a five dollar bill, she asked if she could borrow it. Naturally I responded with: “Only if you give me back five dollars and five cents when we get to the car”.

Well the five cents meant nothing, but my first investment meant everything.  Small investments like that can be the catalyst for a lifetime of financial success.  By no means am I a financial guru, but who says you have to be a guru to invest prosperously?  I invite you to join me on  my journey to investing success.  On this site you will learn everything you could ever need to know about stocks, bonds, IRA’s, CD’s,   and retirement investing.

Small Investments $0-$200

Like I said earlier; its the small investments that can make all the difference.  Their is no minimum sum of money required for a first investment, strapped for cash? Here are a few ways to make small investments that will pay off big time down the road.

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